4 Tell the music industry to stop changing

Tell the music industry to stop changing

We all love music. It’s in our phones, our cars, our favorite places, and we can share it, or even enjoy in our own. Branded products have not reached this phase yet, but they’re on their way. Music is just perfect, or is it?

What is happening to the artists?

It could be old, new, rock, country, group, single, or anything you can think of, but in music industry, no one is safe from piracy. This situation, the only thing from music that branded products don’t want, has forced every single artist to look for new ways to make money out of their music. After all, they have to eat, right?

More tours, less albums

Remember the 60s? If you liked a band back then, they would release albums almost every year. Now, your favorite group has to tour all over the world to make some money (and sometimes that is not even enough). So, if you’re expecting new music, maybe give them four years.

Goodbye DVDs, it’s time for box sets

It could be a new album, or a new anniversary version from an old album, but now everyone is releasing these box sets, with demos in them, special codes to access a special website and see something only you and a thousand more people are allowed. And because this new thing is working, the DVD specials and live shows that bands used to release are gone. You want something similar? Here’s my overpriced box with a t-shirt in it.

Covers and tributes

Nostalgia, what a business we’re missing. Now all the artists are coming together to release albums full of covers. And most of the times, the original artists who wrote those songs are not even dead yet. But, hey, a tribute is a tribute.

What do you miss the most from music industry?